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Ubiquity Remembers Steve Sabol From The Television Special "106 Yards"



IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Steve Sabol, who was the creative force behind NFL Films, his father's Ed Sabol's innovative enterprise that melded cinematic ingenuity, martial metaphors and symphonic music to lend professional football the aura of myth and help fuel its rise in popularity, died on Tuesday in Moorestown, N.J. He was 69.



Steve was a Master in the art of storytelling. His camera and film techniques brought the audience closer to the game of football and gave fans a side never seen before of NFL players.

He put more cameras on the field than others had and used them to provide new perspectives. He used film, not tape, for greater clarity. He interspersed the smacks and whistles with the sounds of a 60-piece orchestra playing Tchaikovsky. He highlighted emotional themes like comebacks and underdogs. He persuaded players and coaches to wear microphones. He made some of the first funny films of players' "bloopers." And he wrote scripts, often rhyming ones. And he was famous for slow-motion shots and the ability to tell a story about the game of football with his behind the scenes action.

Steve called Chris Carmichael after reading about "106 Yards" , a book that chronicles his father Al "Hoagy" Carmichaels life and the Golden Age of football, in Sports Illustrated. Chris sent him a copy of "106 Yards", produced by Ubiquity, and Steve was so impressed with the book he flew both Chris and Al "Hoagy" Carmichael to the NFL Films Studio in New Jersey to do an exclusive television special on the book "106 Yards".

"Steve taught me a lot about the art of storytelling", said Ubiquity's CEO Chris Carmichael. "Being a filmmaker I have much respect for Steve Sabol, his ingenuity and elements of his camera work blended with symphony like soundtracks create an unmatched experience for football fans and audiences alike. He was able to put names to faces and tell the real stories of the great game of football. I will always have fond memories of my time with him."

"As a former NFL player and playing with NFL greats such as Lombardi, Starr, Horning, and Nitschke I was able to share my experience with Steve Sabol on camera", said Al Carmichael. "I was fortunate that I was able to accomplish so many great things in both the AFL and NFL. I had the great pleasure of knowing both Ed and Steve Sabol in my life. Steve's passion and influence on the game of football will be greatly missed. Steve called me the Forrest Gump of football, meaning I was able to accomplish many things with a hint of luck along the way. I never thought I would end up in the NFL, but the ball seemed to bounce in my direction."

"…Tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever." – Steve Sabol

About Ubiquity Corporation (UC):
UC is a leading multimedia company focused on the intersection of broadband and wireless platforms for enhancing the digital lifestyle. With its corporate office in Irvine, CA, UC develops wireless and other digital applications and intellectual property for tablets, mobile phones and other devices. The company operates an over 30,000 sq. feet of best in class studio facilities for Transmedia/multiplatform production as well as the most advanced studio editing facilities available in Orange County, CA. UC has more than 60 worldwide patents and patents pending in mobile, video and digital applications including "video compression," and broadband and wireless applications. UC continues to produce and distribute live events, 3-D content, mobisodes, and has its own cross-platform distribution model to produce shows for both the online and traditional television network community. Ubiquity Corporation is the dba for Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation. For more information visit

About NFL Films:
Ed Sabol laid the foundation for NFL Films. Late president, Steve Sabol combined his father's entrepreneurial spirit with his own artistic vision as he oversaw the film company that revolutionized the way America watched football, and further tested the limits of film and television production.

Each year NFL Films produces hundreds of hours of original programming for broadcast and cable networks,, DVD and home videos.

About "106 Yards":
The autobiography is a nostalgic and humorous journey through Al "Hoagy" Carmichael's life and his two careers.  This story will take readers behind the scenes during the glory years of professional football and the movie and television industry.  Those travels brought me into contact with some of the greats in each business, and in many cases I developed friendships that last until this day.  I hope you have as much fun reading about my life as I have had living it. When I look back, I consider myself very fortunate.  Like a lot of people during the 1930s our family struggled.  That struggle only became greater when I was a teenager because of the death of my father, the main breadwinner.  Somehow, though, we persevered, and from those humble beginnings I went on to attend a prestigious private university, build successful careers in professional football and motion pictures, and provide for my family in a way my parents couldn't have dreamed.

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