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Ubiquity Corp Acquires Invicta Alliance Partners In A Multi-Million Dollar Stock Deal



IRVINE, Calif. , Aug.13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ubiquity has acquired the Immersive gaming company Invicta Alliance Partners in a multi-million dollar stock deal. Ubiquity acquired the rights and assets of one of the most technologically sophisticated immersive platforms in the world.


"Invicta is the perfect match for our immersive patent strategy", said Ubiquity's CEO Chris Carmichael. "Deployment across the Ubiquity platform will change the way business is transacted both now and in the future."

Invicta is a social, commerce & casual gaming platform that has adapted key features and user preferences to create a fully integrated, comprehensive technology. When paired with Ubiquity's patents this ubiquitous technology offers an unrivaled immersive experience.

Ubiquity's immersive (3D) platform is a fully interactive, 3D, 'virtual reality' which provides users and advertisers an immersive social community experience unlike any existing web or mobile platform.

"Ubiquity's acquisition of Invicta creates a product platform with the most unique, state of the art, immersive experiences possible in any media. Our graphical detail, functionality, user response, and intuitive interface will be unlike any other experience available, whether through social media, the web, VPN, broadcast, or video. Ubiquity's integrated platform outperforms any other product or service available, and delivers effectively to all devices, including tablets, phones, televisions, and PCs" saidNick Mitsakos, Board Member of Ubiquity.

Invicta's founder Jonathan Eubanks, will be heading up Ubiquity's Immersive Division as VP of Product Development. Jonathan has led the development of some of the industry giants in gaming including Activision, Universal Interactive, Vivendi, Universal Games, Warner Bros., and Brash Entertainment. Jonathan has a strong reputation in the industry for producing games that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

"Jonathan has all of the tools, drive, and creative vision to further Ubiquity's vision in the consumer's immersive experience", said SEVP of Ubiquity Connie Jordan. "He could not be a more perfect fit for the goals we are trying to accomplish."

"I am looking forward to the opportunity Ubiquity presents to me. With Ubiquity's patents and vision, the acquisition was an easy decision", said Jonathan Eubanks CEO of Invicta Alliance partners.

About Ubiquity Corporation (UC):

UC is a leading multimedia company focused on the intersection of broadband and wireless platforms for enhancing the digital lifestyle. With its corporate office in Irvine, CA, UC develops wireless and other digital applications and intellectual property for tablets, mobile phones and other devices. The company operates an over 30,000 sq. feet of best in class studio facilities for Transmedia/multiplatform production as well as the most advanced studio editing facilities available inOrange County, CA. UC has more than 60 worldwide patents and patents pending in mobile, video and digital applications including "video compression," and broadband and wireless applications. UC continues to produce and distribute live events, 3-D content, mobisodes, and has its own cross-platform distribution model to produce shows for both the online and traditional television network community. Ubiquity Corporation is the dba for Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation. For more information

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